Mario Kart 9 Wii U Game Review

mario kart racing wii game

In Mario Kart 9 More is More

Mario Kart 8 -- the latest installment in the Mario Kart series -- has introduced a zany anti-gravity element. Not only did it allow for interesting map designs, it also added a whole new level of strategy for those who wish to win by skill, not luck. When bumping an opponent during anti-grav segments of a stage, you can either delay them or give them a speed boost depending on the angle of the slam. Basically, knowing how to adapt and nailing the angle consistently makes you a formidable foe, otherwise, you'll be better off just focusing on good ol' drifting to win. With that said, how can the next Mario Kart even hope to beat 8's nifty anti-gravity feature?

Digging Up the Past

For starters, Mario Kart 9 should mix it up and bring back all of the featured elements from past iterations. It should have Mario Kart 7's underwater driving and gliding as anti-gravity from Mario Kart 8. Missions could be added Mario Kart DS-style, with Mario Kart Wii-like objectives ranging from recovering from Blue Shell attacks and catching thrown Boomerangs to completing a course by driving backwards. Having all of these exciting features thrown in one complete package will surely up the ante. pitting those who specialize in, say air gliding against those who have mastered the art of bumping karts in anti-grav.

Having this many tricks and driving styles available will surely attract different kinds of Nintendo fans. No longer will the classic roster be enough to for those who wish to see their favorite on the racing circuit. Nintendo could bring back arcade characters such as Don-chan or Blinky, add new ones such as Nabbit or give favorites from other Nintendo titles a chance. Being Animal Crossing fans, we'd love to see K.K. Slider or Chrom from Fire Emblem. After all, it will be the 9th installment and they did give Link a chance in Mario Kart 8.

Tried and Tested Formulas

New items are always a delightful add-on. The Yoshi Egg could make a comeback from Double Dash. Rebalancing existing items such as the underpowered Fire Flower or the Mega Mushroom which lasts too short a time would be fantastic. Perhaps something that would collect nearby items would be handy, so would something that could draw nearby opponents towards the player for easier anti-gravity bumps. Again, new characters would help in terms of giving variety. As with the decision to forego Chrom for the Super Smash Brothers 4, introducing a magic-user such as Robin would also open up some interesting possibilities for Mario Kart as well.

Making new maps instead of offering remakes for half of the options would also be interesting to see. While we love Wario Stadium for its anti-grav segments, having a couple of newer, denser tracks would attract new players who are looking to start on a level playing field with veterans who know it like the back of their hand. We're not saying get rid of it completely, we're just saying that the ratio of new to old tracks should be higher.

Arena Modes are Awesome

Mario Kart 8's Battle Mode also needs a bit of a facelift. Instead of using the same tracks for arenas and tacking on balloons, the sequel should have separate arenas which are designed specifically for balloon battles. Of course, having Shine Runners (Mario Kart DS), Coin Runners (debuted in Mario Kart Wii, Shine Thief and Bob-Omb Blast (both from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!) would also be a treat for those who are looking for some variety.

Lastly, we would love to see some extra editing options for Mario Kart TV. In playback mode, it is possible to rewind and fast forward on demand. All we ask is to have at least the same freedom when it comes to editing our videos. It would be great to be able to add our own personal touch on highlights as it would give more of an incentive to post clips to share them to buddies.

Being more than a decade old, the Mario Kart series is due for something grand. That's not saying that we didn't enjoy past iterations of the series, but having variety would address Mario Kart 8's rather limited replay value. Regardless which ones or how many actually make it into the next Mario Kart, new elements will undoubtedly breathe new life into the well-loved and much-played series.

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